Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

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Formed in 2006 this volunteer run residents’ association uniquely represents the interest of the West Ealing population – see WEN strives to improve the quality of life for residents, workers and visitors to W13. The group has worked tirelessly to help revitalise West Ealing Town centre and provides an unrivaled local, online news service.

WEN was a founder member of three powerful alliances of local residents’ groups – LJPG, SEC and SEAL. The Lido Junction Project Group (LJPG) is attempting what successive Ealing Council’s have failed to do and that is to make the Lido Junction safe for pedestrians. Save Ealing’s Centre (SEC) was formed in 2006 to fight the Arcadia housing estate and development, and has broadened out into being an effective campaigning group dedicated to promoting appropriate, proportionate and sustainable Ealing centre development. Save Ealing Antique Lampposts (SEAL), also formed in 2006, has managed (against at times impossible odds) to reverse the trashing al all the borough’s antique cast-iron street lighting columns. SEAL has worked well with the Council Leader and Council Street Lighting Officers to bring about the re-use of over 700 of them in the new Walpole Ward dominated Heritage Quarter.

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