Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

West Ealing Farmers Market photo
Eric Leach photo
Ealing Skyline from Walpole Park photo

West Ealing Centre

In the 1950s and 60s the centre of West Ealing was vibrant – in fact more so than central Ealing. We had Marks and Spencers, Rowse’s and Daniels Department Stores, WH Smith, Mothercare and Woolworths. All are sadly gone.

Various cosmetic attempts are being made to make West Ealing centre look a bit better – hanging baskets, boulders in Dean Gardens and raised flower beds, but effecting a genuine renaissance in the fortunes of West Ealing centre has proved elusive.

I have worked long and hard attempting to bring about an effective revitalization of the centre, and I will continue to do so. Trying to add value to the centre as part of redevelopment of the 11.5 acre Green Man Lane Estate is a particular goal of mine.

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