Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

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Ward Forums

Ward Forum’s are the Council’s fairly recent attempts at effecting local democracy three times a year in each of the 23 Electoral Wards. The forums replaced Area Committees in 2008. These committees mostly covered larger geographic areas than individual Wards. However there was never a West Ealing Area Committee and W13 residents had to try and get their concerns onto the agendas of the Hanwell and Ealing Area Committees – sometimes unsuccessfully.

I feel that all the Ward Forums are too staged managed with much ‘talking at’ residents by Councillors, Police, Parks Department and other invited Council Officers. £40,000 of annual discretionary spend per Ward is endlessly picked over. However, when you realise that a one vehicle Stop and Shop facility can cost £2,000, a new tree £350 and a new park bench £1,000 – against an annual Council turnover of £1 billion  - its really ‘pocket money’ which is being discussed.

The Open Forum section of the meetings in which residents can raise any topic is often squeezed out of the agenda completely or only features after 9:00pm when attendees are getting ready to go home.

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