Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

Dean Gardens photo
Eric Leach photo
Ealing Skyline from Walpole Park photo

Sherwood Close (Dean Gardens Estate)

This is next in line of Ealing’s 32 housing estates to be ‘regenerated’ (ie demolished, public land sold off, and estate rebuilt in densified form). This post war estate comprises 209 flats, 68% of which are one bed flats. The Council’s rationale for demolition uses almost identical wording as used for the GMLE demolition rationale namely ‘…did not feel safe after dark and are concerned about drug use and drug dealing. There is a shortage of family sized units, dark corridors around the garage/podium areas and problems with anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and crime’.

A Stage 1 Brief is being prepared and I hope to receive a copy of this as soon as it is published – something that I and other failed to achieve with regards to GMLE.

Sherwood Close Estate – Demolish/Sell-Off/Densify

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