Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

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Northfield Avenue

I’m very supportive of the aims and challenges faced by traders on the Northfield Avenue. I’ve worked with Northfield Avenue Traders Association (NABTA) on numerous occasions. CPZ issues are a critical factor for the traders. I’ve campaigned for three years now in order for traders to be able to park their vehicles close to their shops at a reasonable price.

A rather spurious Public Consultation has just been completed on various safety investments on the avenue. I have, like others, questioned the reasons for and merits of these investments. The major problems with the avenue, as the main north/south transit in West Ealing, is both speeding and congestion in the northern section of the road. The current proposals don’t seem to address either problem in any meaningful way.

The Council continues to harass the traders about displaying goods on the pavement outside their shops. Some traders own this space and some have so-called ‘Prescriptive Rights’ to use this space outside their shops. The common sense approach is that given that the pavement is quite wide along much of the avenue as long as people can easily pass both ways simultaneously outside the shop why not allow traders to put tables and chairs fruit and veg offerings etc immediately outside their shops.

Northfield Avenue Allotments Under Threat

Council Envirocrime Officers Selectively Harass Northfield Avenue Shopkeepers

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