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Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

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Local Development Framework (LDF)

LDF is national government’s latest local planning initiative. Ealing must construct a new plan for how its 21 square miles will be used during the period 2011 to 2026. Put simply the LDF must specify just where new homes, schools, Police Stations, NHS Polyclinics, theatres, sport facilities, allotments etc will/can be built. In September 2009 Ealing published its LDF Core Strategy. You had to buy hard copies of these 300+ pages of documentation and four public meetings were held as part of a Public Consultation process.

The core of this strategy is the construction of 10,000 homes each within 732 yards of Acton, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing and Southall Railway Stations. I found the strategy, the meetings and the whole Public Consultation process flawed. I attended all the meetings and wrote them up on ‘The WEN Blog’ at I was one of only 60 individuals and organisations who responded to the public consultation. Of these 60 Ealing Council state that just 35 of these response were from local individuals and local organisations. The prose part of my response can be viewed here. With 250,000 adult residents in Ealing there has to be something seriously wrong with this consultation process. On 25th January I hand delivered a Freedom of Information Request for all 60 responses to the Draft LDF Core Strategy to be placed in the public domain so that we can all see what local people felt about the strategy for Ealing and for Walpole Ward. By law, the Council must respond to my request with a substantive response by 22 February.

Ealing Council is clearly in denial about residents’ objections to 10,000 flats being built in the Uxbridge Road corridor. I know of no Ealing resident who has expressed approval for these draft housing strategy plans. For the Council to press ahead with these plans would be both reckless and foolhardy. The volume of opposition is enormous.

The Council broke the law by not responding to my request in 20 working days. However I finally received copies of the 60 responses. 85% of all the responses object to the residential densification around the stations. Given this massive objection will the Council change its strategy?

85% of LDF Public Consultation Responses Say ‘NO’ to 10,000 homes Being Built in the Uxbridge Road Corridor by 2026

Mandating an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) around Ealing Broadway Station (EBS)

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