Eric Leach

Independent Candidate Councillor
for Ealing Walpole Ward

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Law & Order

In April 2004 the Metropolitan Police proudly trumpeted its Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT). policing initiative. SNT was going to deliver local policing locally, with each Electoral Ward having its own resident-accessible ‘shop’. Now, almost six years on the reality on the ground is very different. There is no SNT police ‘shop’ in Walpole Ward accessible to residents. Occupying a hidden, back office in Sainsburys does not provide residents with what they want or even what they were promised.

There are only two fully functioning Police Stations in the whole of Ealing to service a population of over 300,000. Police cars roaring along the Uxbridge Road either from Acton Police Station or Southall Police Station do not constitute local Policing. I was one of over 300 people who objected to the 2008 Met Police’s plans for Ealing which involved taking over and arming a warehouse in Ealing and filling it with guns, tasers, custody cells, vehicles and staff – with residents explicitly excluded from entering the fortress..

There is also something not quite right about the role of running Ealing’s policing. The last two Police bosses have only stayed in the job for around two years.

Although nationwide the incidence of crime has steadily reduced since 1997 there are worrying trends in Ealing. In 2009 the number of offences were up for all these reported crimes:

Violence against the person, rape, burglary, gun enabled crime, motor vehicle crime, domestic crime, racist crime and homophobic crime.

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