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19 April 2010

Northfield Avenue Allotments Under Threat

The owner of the allotment site along the eastern side of the northern stretch of Northfield Avenue is considering its options as to the future use of this land. In 1832 the Bishop of London gave this land to the poor of West Ealing. The bequest included land also to the west of Northfield Avenue which was also allotments until housing was built on it by Ealing Council in the 1980s.

Ealing and Brentford Consolidated Charity (EBCC) – a Housing Association owns this allotment land (90 plots) and charges £100/year for use of one of the allotments. Although many of the allotments appear derelict there is apparently a two year waiting list for those wanting to acquire a one year contract for usage.

At a public meeting in Ealing Town Hall on 12th April 2010 Councillor Chapman announced that EBCC is considering its options for future use of this allotment land. Property development on this land is a possibility and Councillor Chapman confirmed that EBCC has had development discussions with Ealing Council planners.

How would you like this land to be used? Carry on with allotments (preferably with greater active usage); build new affordable houses on it; build high rise residential tower blocks on it; build an NHS Polyclinic on it; or build a new primary or secondary school on it? Or some other use?

EBCC is run by a Board of Trustees. Somewhat bizarrely Ealing Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration Councillor Millican is one of these Trustees. He has been quoted recently as saying that Northfield Avenue allotment land would be built on ‘over my dead body’….

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